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Posts from March 2008

23 March 2008 @ 9pm


Travel Varlet

Tomorrow morning, I wake up at 5 AM and begin the most complicated travel week of my life. Here we go…
Monday, March 24th
Portland to San Jose
Various meetings in Silicon Valley and San Francisco
Tuesday, March 25th
Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco
Moderate a panel – The Future of the Operating System
Various meetings in San Francisco [...]

Panic Park

Last night, a group of folks from the Portland tech scene had dinner together at Kinta, an excellent Malaysian restaurant on SE Belmont. Everytime I eat at Kinta, I am hypnotized by the lights across the street at the Avalon Theater. The outside of the building advertises the best 5 cent video games anywhere. As [...]

Back to WordPress

Ok – I finished up most of the migration last night from Chyrp back to WordPress. Before I can switch to a new theme, I need to remove all of the hard-coded header and footer modifications (e.g. Favicon, Meta Tags, Google Analytics, etc.) and move the data into Plugins and Widget text boxes so that [...]

To borrow an analogy…

WordPress has the momentum. Chyrp is going through an upheaval in its short history – the developer is moving away from PHP, a scripting language I actually can hack around in with comfort. As soon as I can find a few hours, I am moving back to WordPress. I’ll probably choose a WordPress theme resembling [...]

10 March 2008 @ 1am


iPhone SDK Media Coverage

Thursday was the public launch of Apple’s iPhone SDK and I spent several hours on the phone with the media after the launch event. Here are links to my published comments…

Los Angeles Times, “Apple to give outsiders access to its iPhone“
San Francisco Chronicle, “iPhone announcement Thursday“
Technology Review, “What to Expect from the Open iPhone“
PC World, [...]

6 March 2008 @ 5pm


iPhone SDK

Thank you, Apple!
Apple iPhone Developer Program

The Pulse of Open Source

I launched a new website last week entitled The Pulse of Open Source. You can read more about this project by reading my post on the 451 CAOS Theory blog.