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18 February 2008 @ 5pm


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My glasses

I am often asked about my glasses. Here’s the story…

I flew back to Sante Fe, New Mexico, in 2004 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Studio X, the Internet company I co-founded back in April 1994. A friend of mine and one of the members of that endeavor, Michael Herrick, showed up to the party wearing cool glasses. I immediately took to them and decided I needed to own a pair for myself.

The glasses I wear are called Staffan Preutz, by Polaris Optic – a Swedish company. I purchased the glasses from Acoma Optical. I faxed in my prescription and received the glasses by mail. Having now worn these glasses for the past several years, they have become part of my persona and anytime I wear my backup pair (of a different style), I am immediately asked, “Where are (weird)/(cool) glasses?!”When I go shopping, people stare at the side of my head – it’s a strange experience.

Top comments by strangers in public…

“Are those implants?” (No)

“Do those hurt?” (No)

“Where did you get those?” (See above)

“Do you get headaches?” (Yes, but not from the glasses)

“Are you from the future?” (…Yes *wink*)

“Do you mind if I buy a pair?” (No, but I haven’t met anyone other than Michael Herrick with these glasses)

“Can I try them on?” (Sure)

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